Want An Extra Special Rabbit?

Adopt A Ruby Eyed White Rabbit!

Ruby eyed white rabbits (REW) are sometimes overlooked by potential adopters due to their pink eyes and/or larger size. This is sad as REWs are some of the most affectionate and gentle pets. They are often referred to as the “Golden Retriever” of rabbits with their easy going, playful personalities. They are also the rabbits most in need of rescue since they are most subjected to the cruel and inhumane use in the testing of cosmetics and raised for meat.
Because of their easy going personalities a REW is often easy to bond with another rabbit.
FUR has many wonderful REWs available for adoption. Check out our Rabbits Available for Adoption.  Adopt a REW Rabbit during our December Adoption Event and the adoption donation will be reduced to $30.00.
Adoption Event on December 2nd & 3rd from noon to 4pm at Petco located at 855 East Bidwell, Folsom.
This holiday, make a FUR rabbi’ts dream come true!
rew adoption special

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