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Juliet is a darling bunny whose led a difficult life. Juliet had three babies on a driveway outside that someone found. She had been abandoned. Sadly, the babies didn't make it. Juliet was caught first. The next day Romeo showed up. He looked lethargic and depressed not being able to find Juliet. Romeo has led a difficult life...
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Romeo has led a difficult life so far. This darling male rabbit was found, abandoned outside. Being released outside had taken it's tole on this sweet rabbit. His ear was torn, fur sun bleached, thin from lack of food, and sick with an URI. He had bite wounds all over his body. Juliet had three babies...
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Pattie Peanut Bunner

PATTIE (Peanut Bunner Pattie) Pattie is a female. She is approximately six months old.
Pattie is one of ten rabbits rescued from Las Vegas, all named after Girl Scout cookies.  Pattie was rescued from a dumpsite in Las...
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Hops A Lot

Hops A  Lot is a male bunny. He is approximately four months old. Hops A Lot has been through a traumatic experience. He is one of the 700+ rabbits dumped in Las Vegas. The bunnies were scared especially after someone killed several of the rabbits. Rescuers in the area went to work to capture the rabbits....
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