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Sherlock Homes & Watson

Sherlock Homes & Watson are bonded neutered males. Watson (formerly Galaxy) was adopted with Tulip, but it was quickly discovered once home, that the bonding was not going to work. We now understand why...Sherlock Homes (formerly Rickon) was really bonded to Watson. We didn't realize how much the two loved each other until we put them...
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Breezy is a male Jersey Wooley. Breezy is energetic and playful. He would love to be adopted with one of his brothers. Breezy will be available for adoption at our adoption event on Saturday, September 1st from Noon to 4:00pm at Petco 855 East Bidwell, Folsom CA (next to Office Depot & Sprouts). Breezy was Adopted September 2018!!...
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Catelyn Stark

Catelyn Stark was brought to the Bradshaw Animal Shelter with several baby bunnies in tow. We rescued Mom & babies. Mama Catelyn is a sweet nurturing Mom. She looks after all her babies with loving attention and grooms each one. She looks like she's been through a tough time. We are feeding her lots fresh timothy...
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Robb Stark

Robb Stark is approximately 4 months old. He is neutered and available for adoption. Robb is a real Mama's boy. He would love to be adopted with his Mom Catelyn Stark or with another rabbit. He's a sweet playful rabbit. Come to our Adoption Event Saturday, October 6th from Noon to 4:00pm at Petco 855 East Bidwell, Folsom...
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