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Cricket came to the shelter with a bite on his back that abscessed. The wound was cleaned out and he took a course of antibiotics. He is all healed and has been neutered. Cricket is a darling Lionhead. He loves to give bunny kisses. Cricket is playful but also enjoys being mellow. Cricket is available for adoption!...
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Fiona is a bundle of energy and FUN! Fiona is a beautiful, friendly, brown and white spayed Dutch, a breed known for their wonderful dispositions. She's quite curious and needs to know what's happening at all times. Oh, yes, and she's blind in her right eye. Fiona came to the shelter with a corneal abrasion. Conservative treatment...
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Romeo has led a difficult life so far. This darling male rabbit was found, abandoned outside. Being released outside had taken it's tole on this sweet rabbit. His ear was torn, fur sun bleached, thin from lack of food, and sick with an URI. He had bite wounds all over his body. Juliet had three babies...
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