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Strudel is a neutered Harlequin Rex with remarkable markings!
Strudel is curious about EVERYTHING!  He loves people and runs to the front of the exercise pen to seek out head rubs.
Strudel was one of four rabbits is one of the four rabbits FUR rescued from the Ventura Animal Shelter to make...
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Bumbleberry is a handsome handsome rabbit with a wonderful, varied fur pattern. He is neutered.
Bumbleberry is a relaxed rabbit who we suspect would love to have a bunny friend.
Bumbleberry was one of four rabbits FUR rescued from the Ventura Animal Shelter to make room for incoming animals displaced by the...
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Chico is a neutered male rabbit. Chico came from the Chico Animal Shelter. The shelter had to make room for all the cats that were coming into the shelter from the Campfire in Paradise, CA. We were happy to rescue Chico. Chico is a darling dwarf. He is super sweet. He would love to have a bunny...
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Buttons & Penguin

Buttons & Penguin are bonded sisters. These two young bunnies are spayed and ready for a forever home. Buttons & Penguin were born at a shelter when their Mom was brought into the shelter pregnant. They are very active bunnies who love to play. Bonded to formerly adopted Bailey and Adopted 10/2018!...
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