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Sherlock Homes & Watson

Sherlock Homes & Watson are bonded neutered males. Watson (formerly Galaxy) was adopted with Tulip, but it was quickly discovered once home, that the bonding was not going to work. We now understand why...Sherlock Homes (formerly Rickon) was really bonded to Watson. We didn't realize how much the two loved each other until we put them...
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Noah is a neutered male. He is a New Zealand. We are totally in love with Noah!! He has such a wonderful personality. Noah adores people. He is playful and loves attention. Noah would love to have a bunny friend. He loves to explore and really enjoys his naps! Email us at friendsofunwantedrabbits@gmail.com if you're interested in adopting. Come...
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Rosie is a beautiful Harlequin Lionhead. Sadly, Rosie was abandoned in a box in front of a shelter. It's heartbreaking that the person didn't have the decency to take her inside the shelter where it was cool and she would be safe. Fortunately, Rosie was found and brought inside. We rescued her. Rosie is such a sweet...
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Paloma was brought to the Bradshaw Animal Shelter urine stained and covered in mites. She has been treated for the mites and has been spayed. We rescued her and she recovered in foster care. The urine stain has completely shed from her fur. Paloma is an absolute doll! She adores attention. If you don't pay attention...
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