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Romeo has led a difficult life so far. This darling male rabbit was found, abandoned outside. Being released outside had taken it's tole on this sweet rabbit. His ear was torn, fur sun bleached, thin from lack of food, and sick with an URI. He had bite wounds all over his body. Juliet had three babies...
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Fluffer is a darling Dutch/Lionhead, neutered male. Fluff was abandoned in a box outside of the Bradshaw Animal Shelter with his brother Blue. Both boys were covered in bite marks and looked in bad shape. After we rescued them we got them both Veterinary treatment. The boys were on antibiotics under their wounds healed. Their fur...
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Thin Mintz

Thin Mintz is a male rabbit. He is approximately four months old. Thin Mintz was rescued from the Las Vegas dumpsite. He is a bit traumatized but is adjusting nicely in foster care. Thin Mintz would love to have a bunny friend. He is use to roaming with 700+ rabbits. Interested in adopting, contact us at teamfur@gmail.com or...
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