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Fluffer is a darling Dutch/Lionhead, neutered male. Fluff was abandoned in a box outside of the Bradshaw Animal Shelter with his brother Blue. Both boys were covered in bite marks and looked in bad shape. After we rescued them we got them both Veterinary treatment. The boys were on antibiotics under their wounds healed. Their fur...
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Pattie Peanut Bunner

PATTIE (Peanut Bunner Pattie) Pattie is a female. She is approximately six months old.
Pattie is one of ten rabbits rescued from Las Vegas, all named after Girl Scout cookies.  Pattie was rescued from a dumpsite in Las...
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Hops A Lot

Hops A  Lot is a male bunny. He is approximately four months old. Hops A Lot has been through a traumatic experience. He is one of the 700+ rabbits dumped in Las Vegas. The bunnies were scared especially after someone killed several of the rabbits. Rescuers in the area went to work to capture the rabbits....
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