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Romeo has led a difficult life so far. This darling male rabbit was found, abandoned outside. Being released outside had taken it's tole on this sweet rabbit. His ear was torn, fur sun bleached, thin from lack of food, and sick with an URI. He had bite wounds all over his body. Juliet had three babies...
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Willie & Freddie

Freddie & Willie are two darling bonded bunnies. They are both neutered and approximately three years old. Sadly, when their previous family got a new puppy the family had to find a new home for the bunnies. Freddie & Willie were indoor rabbits with an entire room to roam. They had a cage that was always open...
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Benji & Snow White

Benji is a neutered lop approximately 5 months old. Snow White is a spayed female approximately 9 months old. Benji and Snow White are absolutely adorable bunnies. Snow White was abandoned at the Bradshaw Animal Shelter with seven babies. Benji was abandoned with his Mom Pebbles and three of his siblings. Benji and Snow White are both...
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Grayson & Zoey

Grayson and Zoey are a darling bonded pair.  Grayson is quite a distinguished grey gentleman, with handsome grey fur and one white paw. He is a beautiful Blue Beveren. Zoey is a tiny sweet Netherland dwarf rabbit with very blue eyes. Sadly, their owner is moving and could no longer keep them. Grayson & Zoey had free roam of...
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