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Gracie is a beautiful spayed Harlequin. Gracie has had a rough go of it. When she was rescued she had an injury above her eye that required medical care. She is healed and ready for a forever loving indoor home. When we say indoor home we mean living inside the house with everyone. Rabbits are very...
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Meet Mermaid, our latest rescue from the Shelter.
Despite Mermaid’s petite stature (weighing in at three pounds!) she is FULL of personality!
Mermaid will be spayed on Thursday in preparation for her Rabbit Speed Date scheduled for later this month.
Meet the adoptable Rabbits at our next Adoption Event on Saturday,...
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Ollie is a super handsome bunny. Sadly, Ollie was recently abandoned at a local area shelter along with several other rabbits. He is safe now with FUR. Ollie would love to have a forever indoor home with a bunny friend. Ollie is currently in foster care awaiting his neuter surgery. He Read more


Topper is an adorable Silver Martin Dwarf. Sadly, Topper was recently dumped at a local shelter along with several other rabbits. Topper is a rabbit who would love a quiet home preferably with another rabbit. Topper's incisors were too long and had to be filed down, that didn't stop him from chewing out his sutures TWICE after...
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