Tanzy and Azelea

Tanzy and Azelea are two beautiful bonded spayed female lops.

Tanzy (black and white) is the “meet and greet” rabbit who is very playful and easy going. We Love Tanzy’s impressive dewlap. Azalea (tan with grey overtones) is vocal and likes to grunt her greetings. She looks to Tanzy for comfort. Azalea love head rubs. They are darling together and love to lounge around.

Tanzy and Azelea would do best suited for a family with prior rabbit experience.

Email us at teamfur@gmail.com if interested in adopting or visit ourĀ  Adoption Event on May 5th from noon to 4:00pm at Petco 855 East Bidwell, Folsom.

Adopted August 2018!!


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