Shortbunz is a female. She is approximately six months old.
Shortbunz is one of ten rabbits rescued from Las Vegas, all named after Girl Scout cookies.  See the bulletin board
for details of this rescue.
Shortbunz is a beautiful broken Dutch rabbit, a breed known for their friendly, easy going personality. She has beautiful eyes. The lower have of her eyes are blue and the top half are brown.
Shortbunz seems somewhat traumatized by the recent changes but we expect she will soon realize she is safe and cherished with Friends of Unwanted Rabbits.
Shortbunz would love to be adopted with another rabbit. She is use to be with 700+ rabbits.
Adoption Donation:  $55 for one or $100 for two
If interested in adopting, please call us at 916-710-0105 or email us at
 ShortBunz was bonded to Skeeter and adopted August 4th 2018!

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