Quinn was abandoned in a field with several other rabbits.

Quinn is altered and ready for a forever loving indoor home. Quinn is a very sweet and playful rabbit. He would love to have a bunny friend.

Quinn was bonded to Daisy and Adopted July 7, 2018!!

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  1. Hello I have a Female Rabbit who lost the love of her life and we need to replace him before she does from Heart break.
    The rabbit we get needs to be a neutered male. However they would be out side, they have a huge 300 sq foot 2 floor play pen. Its fenced and screened in they have a 1000 sq foot back yard to play with the kids .
    Macy was a rescue rabbit and her boyfriend was just left to die when we found him. We have had Macy for 2 years and dragon was 3 so please get back with me I would like to see about play dates to see how a rabbit you have might do. He needs character. and must be playful. No biting rabbits please.

    • Kimberly

      Hello, Please contact us at 916-710-0105 so that we can talk to you about your rabbit and her need for a new friend. We adopt to indoor homes only. Please contact us so we can talk to you about housing the rabbits indoors.

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