Judy is a beautiful Lop-Mix rabbit.

Judy is a spayed female. She was bonded to a FUR rabbit in February 2017. The bonding didn’t work out and the FUR bunny was returned. Judy’s previous owner was in an accident and due to a move she had to surrender Judy to FUR.  Judy was very bonded with her previous owner.

Judy is a love! She loves an adores attention and will follow you to be pet. We had placed her in the rabbit room at the Folsom Petco but she didn’t do well in this setting so we moved her to a foster home. Judy is a doll and loves to play and chin everything in her path.

Judy needs a home where she will receive lots of love and attention. She would love to have a bunny friend that is gentle with her.

Pending adoption dec 2017 to LR

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  1. I would like to adopt her dose it cost? How old is she? Can she get along with 2 other bunnies?

  2. How much dose it cost to adopt her? How old is she will she get along with 2 other bunnies

    • Kimberly

      Hi Kira, Our adoption donation is $55.00.

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