Hops A Lot

Hops A  Lot is a male bunny. He is approximately four months old.

Hops A Lot has been through a traumatic experience. He is one of the 700+ rabbits dumped in Las Vegas. The bunnies were scared especially after someone killed several of the rabbits. Rescuers in the area went to work to capture the rabbits. The rescue continues.  Hops A Lot is one of ten rabbits we rescued from Las Vegas, all of which have been named after Girl Scout Cookies.

Hops A Lot is in foster care. He is adjusting to the good life. Hops A Lot would love to have a bunny friend.

After traveling from Las Vegas to Folsom, California, Hops A Lot was one of the more outgoing rabbits. He quickly started to explore his new surroundings.

If interested in adopting, contact us at teamfur@gmail.com or 916-710-0105.


Bonded to Brianna and Adopted April 2017!


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