Zero aka George is truly lovable, not a mean bone in his body, just pure love. We only just met him this morning & then again in the evening & he made a big impression. Must’ve done the same with the Animal Control Officer that rescued him. Here are the officer’s notes verbatim:
“Hello, I named this bunny George because of his curiosity. He was found in a storm drain near the unfinished mall in Elk Grove. After approximately an hour and a half I was able to block the drain hole and pulled him out. He is super sweet and adorable. He deserves a forever home with a loving family!!! Please take care of my new best friend George. 🙂
Thanks, J. Larcom EGAC”
Jeff Larcom was an ACO at Bradshaw, but now works for Elk Grove.
Veronica, a volunteer at the Bradshaw Animal Shelter spent much of the morning & evening holding George & fussing over him. Her comments are that George would make a wonderful therapy rabbit. He is eager for attention & gentle as a lamb. He does fuss a bit in the transition of being transferred from cage to arms, but no wild flailing or anything that would give scratches.
George is currently in foster care being treated for ear mites and we are putting some weight back on him as he is on the thin side. Once he’s neutered he will be available for adoption approximately at the end of June 2017.
Adopted by his foster family 9/2017!


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