Darcy is a darling Dwarf Harlequin.

Darcy was found in a field with three other young rabbits. They all had horrible wounds including. Darcy’s left back leg had a wound that had abscessed. He had to have two surgeries and antibiotics to clear up the abscess. He is a very healthy bunny now.

Darcy if very energetic. He is very playful. Darcy doesn’t like to be held. He likes to be down on he floor where all the action is. He’s a curious explorer and likes to have a box to dig in. Darcy would like a home with no children and no dogs.

Boned with Lorenzo Flopsalot and Adopted 9/2017!

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  1. Darcy looks like a rabbit for me. Is he at the shelter or being cared for by someone until adopted?

    • Kimberly

      Darcy was adopted.

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