Captain Midnight & Snoopy

Captain Midnight & Snoopy both came to FUR as tiny little babies many years ago.

These two Adorable babies were bonded and adopted to a family that told us that they would give them a forever home. No matter what situation came up in life they assured us that these two sweet boys would have a loving home. Fast forward to 2016 we get a call (which we are grateful that they called us) that the daughter is going to college and they no longer want Captain Midnight & Snoopy. Our hearts fall to the floor. Of course we say we will take the boys back. But we think how must the bunnies feel after all these years the only home they’ve known is suddenly gone. Still we are so happy to see the boys again.

Captain Midnight & Snoopy are such a delightful pair. They are sweet as can be. Captain Midnight makes sure that Snoopy knows at all times that he’s running the ship. Snoopy has deep beautiful ocean blue eyes. The boys need a true forever loving home.

Bonded to two other bunnies and Adopted by a FUR Volunteer Ali 3/2017!


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