Bubba is a neutered male English Spot Dwarf.

Bubba came to the shelter severely overweight at over 6 pounds. He was likely fed junk food pellets which contained nuts, seeds, and fruit. Rabbits don’t have enzymes to break down nuts and seeds. He also was likely never given timothy hay to eat which is the most important part of a rabbits diet and had little space to run, jump, and play. Bubba had a severe case of gastrointestinal stasis which caused him to stop eating. His condition was critical. Once we rescued him we got him emergency Veterinary treatment from a Certified Exotic Vet. Weight has to be reduced very slowly in rabbits to prevent liver damage and subsequent death.

Bubba was placed in a foster home where he was syringed fed SARx appetite stimulant and recovery and SARx recovery food from Sherwood Pet Health. He also was given sub-q fluids daily along with a gut motility medication. Once he started to eat on his own we fed him a healthy diet of unlimited timothy hay, limited veggies, and limited Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Pellets from Sherwood Pet Health. He also received lots of space to exercise.

After attending Bunny Bootcamp for 90 days, Bubba weighs in at a slim & trim 4 pounds🐇 Bubba was rescued from the Sacramento County Animal Care Bradshaw Shelter. He came to the shelter severely overweight and unable to groom himself.

Bubba was fed a proper bunny diet in foster care. He ate his size in Timothy hay daily, along with limited veggies and pellets. Bubba also got his hop on by doing lots of binkies daily to help him slim down.

Rabbits should be fed a healthy diet consisting of unlimited Timothy hay, limited veggies and a small amount of healthy pellets from Sherwood Pet Health. Weight has to be reduced very slowly in rabbits. Rabbits also need to get out of their enclosure for a minimum of 3 hours a day to get exercise.


You’ve seen his amazing 90 day weight loss transformation. Now meet this handsome 4 pound wonder. Bubba has been neutered and will be ready for his very own forever loving indoor home at our next Adoption Event – Saturday, October 7th from 12:00 to 4:00 at the Petco, located at 855 East Bidwell.

Adopted October 2017!

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