Bob is a super sweet neutered male rabbit. He has perfect litter box habits! Bob loves running around the house and hanging out in his hidey places. Bob has super silky shiny fur. He is a very good boy and loves attention.

Bob needs a new home soon! He gets along great with cats and would love to have a home with a bunny friend. Bob is currently in foster care and available for adoption.

ADOPTED! Bob was adopted to a wonderful home. He is receiving lots of attention and is loving his new life! 11/2013

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  1. Sweet Bobby comes with a 5′ square (42″ tall) gated exercise yard, a good-sized wire “hidey place”, 2 high-backed lge litter boxes, and assorted toys. When he’s out & about playing in the house, he’ll come back to his enclosure when you call out “Treats, Bob!” He’s been loved for all of his 4 years but can’t go to the rental in Florida…so please consider this little boy for your good-mannered companion! Thank you….

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