Available For Adoption

  • Beatrice


    Beatrice is a beautiful spayed female. She is a curious bunny and loves to be pet. Beatrice is currently at...

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  • Snowy


    Abandoned outside in Williams, California, this precious little sweetheart had two beautiful angels rescue him in the pouring rain. Snowy...

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  • Noel


    Noel is a spayed Netherland Dwarf female. Noel was abandoned in the American River Canyon area  Neighbors had been leaving...

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  • Blackberry


    Blackberry is a young spayed female rabbit who was found living wild in a berry patch with another rabbit. Sadly,...

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  • Brock & Elsa

    Brock & Elsa

    Brock & Elsa are two darling bonded rabbits. Brock & Elsa were both captured roaming the streets. Both bunnies were...

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  • Joy & Noel

    Joy & Noel

    Joy & Noel are two female Lionheads. These two sweet girls were part of 28 rabbits that were captured roaming...

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  • Captain Midnight & Snoopy

    Captain Midnight & Snoopy

    Captain Midnight & Snoopy both came to FUR as tiny little babies many years ago. These two Adorable babies were bonded...

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  • Darcy


    Darcy is a darling Dwarf Harlequin. Darcy was found in a field with three other young rabbits. They all had...

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  • Charlotte


    Charlotte is a beautiful spayed Silver Martin Dwarf. Charlotte is a sweet little girl whose available for adoption....

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  • Smokey


    Smokey is a neutered male. Smokey is a sweet rabbit in need of a forever loving home....

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  • Itsy


    Itsy is an adorable bunny who was abandoned at the shelter along with about 23 other young rabbits. Itsy is...

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  • Jinx


    Jinx is a Blue Beveren. He’s a neutered male. Jinx is an adorable little rabbit. He’s currently available for adoption....

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  • Pepper


    Pepper is a handsome male rabbit. He is a sweet bunny whose playful. Pepper is currently available for adoption....

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  • Abby


    Abby is a beautiful rabbit. She is currently available for adoption....

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  • Fudge


    Fudge is a handsome Rex. Fudges the sweetest personality and LOVES to be pet! His foster mom says she comes...

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  • Mr. Frost

    Mr. Frost

    Mr. Frost is an adorable Lionhead. Sadly, his bunny friend Hope passed away recently and he is sad and depressed....

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  • Marbles


    Marbles is a beautiful spayed Harlequin. She was rescued from a meat rabbit farm. Marbles was terrified when we first...

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  • Ambrose


    Ambrose is a super cutie too! Those ears are to die for… And that face, so adorable. He is a...

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  • Q-Tip and Cotton Ball

    Q-Tip and Cotton Ball

    Q-Tip and Cotton Ball are two adorable Lionhead rabbits. Q-Tip is a neutered male and Cotton Ball is a spayed...

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  • Buttercup


    Buttercup is a beautiful Angora. She came from a horrible animal cruelty case but through a lot of TLC has...

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