Available For Adoption

  • Cheerio


    Cheerio is a bunny who just wants to be loved. He is neutered. Cheerio was found by a good Samaritan....

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  • Studel


    Strudel is a neutered Harlequin Rex with remarkable markings! Strudel is curious about EVERYTHING!  He loves people and runs to...

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  • Chappy


    Chappy loves cilantro! Chappy is a neutered mini Rex with handsome Harlequin ears. Chappy is quite the social busy bee,...

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  • Brambleberry


    Bumbleberry is a handsome handsome rabbit with a wonderful, varied fur pattern. He is neutered. Bumbleberry is a relaxed rabbit...

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  • Jelly Bean

    Jelly Bean

    Jelly Bean is a petite, pastel Californian with a curious but calm demeanor. Jelly Bean is one of the four...

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  • Kanga


    Kanga is a beautiful spayed female. Kanga is a sweet bunny. She loves to be pet. Kanga needs a home...

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  • Zerah


    Zerah is approximately two years old. She is spayed. This beautiful darling bunny has had a rough time. Humans were...

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  • Sugarpuff


    Sugarpuff is a delightful little spayed female whose approximately five months old. Sugarpuff is super sweet. She loves to play...

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  • Diamond


    Diamond is a darling spayed female. Diamond is an energetic bunny who loves to play. She’s tiny, but this bunny...

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  • Sherlock Homes & Watson

    Sherlock Homes & Watson

    Sherlock Homes & Watson are bonded neutered males. Watson (formerly Galaxy) was adopted with Tulip, but it was quickly discovered...

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  • Moby


    Moby is a neutered male. Moby has a tough time. He was brought to the shelter after he was attacked...

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  • Carson


    Carson is a very sweet curious neutered male rabbit. Carson was abandoned at the Bradshaw Animal Shelter. He was adopted,...

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  • Arya Stark

    Arya Stark

    Arya Stark is 6  months old. She’s spayed and litter box trained Arya is for her forever, loving home. She...

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  • Lemon Drop, Rocky & Lollipop

    Lemon Drop, Rocky & Lollipop

    Lemon Drop, Rocky & Lollipop are a bonded trio. These three are adorable! They adore each other! They all love...

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  • Bouncer


    Bouncer is a darling neutered male. Bouncer was taken to a shelter after his owner sadly passed away. There were...

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  • Fiona


    Fiona is a bundle of energy and FUN! Fiona is a beautiful, friendly, brown and white spayed Dutch, a breed...

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  • Paloma


    Paloma was brought to the Bradshaw Animal Shelter urine stained and covered in mites. She has been treated for the...

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  • Trix


    Trix was abandoned in field with several other rabbits. Trix is altered and available for adoption....

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