Available For Adoption

  • Jasper


    Jasper is a darling neutered male rabbit. Jasper was abandoned in a field left to starve along with Ebunny, Trix,...

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  • Benji & Snow White

    Benji & Snow White

    Benji is a neutered lop approximately 5 months old. Snow White is a spayed female approximately 9 months old. Benji...

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  • Ebunny


    Ebunny is a neutered male rabbit. Ebunny is very sweet. He’s a mellow rabbit looking for a loving indoor home....

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  • Chloe


    Chloe is a beautiful spayed Harlequin. Chloe has a gentle spirit. She was bonded to a darling bunny named Silver....

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  • Aspen


    Aspen is a young spayed female. Aspen was brought to the Bradshaw Animal Shelter with severe urine scald to her...

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  • Layla


    Layla is a beautiful spayed Californian. Layla was abandoned outside along with several other rabbits. We think she is the...

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  • Poppy


    Poppy is a darling Angora. Poppy is a neutered male. He came from a horrible confiscation case. He was found...

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  • Pebbles and Dahlia

    Pebbles and Dahlia

    Pebbles and Dahlia are Mother & Daughter. Pebbles was abandoned with her babies. She and her daughter are spayed. Both...

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  • Snow


    Snow is a young spayed female Lionhead. Snow was abandoned in a field with her siblings. Snow is a doll....

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  • Snickers


    Snickers is a neutered male Lionhead whose approximately six months old. Snickers was abandoned with his siblings, Snow and Storm,...

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  • Quinn


    Quinn was abandoned in a field with several other rabbits. Quinn is altered and ready for a forever loving indoor...

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  • Trix


    Trix was abandoned in field with several other rabbits. Trix is altered and available for adoption....

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  • Phoenix


    Phoenix was abandoned in a field with several other rabbit. He is neutered and ready for a forever loving home....

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  • Brock & Elsa

    Brock & Elsa

    Brock & Elsa are two darling bonded rabbits. Brock & Elsa were both captured roaming the streets. Both bunnies were...

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  • Smokey & Midori

    Smokey & Midori

    Smokey is a neutered male. Midori is a spayed female Smokey is a sweet rabbit who was bonded with his...

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  • Buttercup


    Buttercup is a beautiful Angora. Buttercup is a spayed female. She came from a horrible animal cruelty case but through...

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